College Planning

Visit and often, beginning in the ninth grade. 

Take time and care when registering for SAT and ACT exams.  It takes at least one full hour.  Save all password information!  You will be accessing this again and again.

Save money.  Results will be sent to four colleges as part of the registration fee.

Here is information you will need to register to take tests on your home campus:

SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test.  Take this in May of the Junior year.  (October of the senior year)
The REASONING test is the college entrance exam.  Colleges also may require SUBJECT tests.     May and November Exams :    CEEB  Code:    332680    
          Test Site (Accord): 33-102

ACT, American College Test.  Take this in April of the Junior year.    April Exam :         CEEB  Code:           332680    
      Test Site (Accord):  228 090

Need test accommodations?  See your case manager and school counselor right away.

Also, visit to search colleges across the country!

Follow these links for helpful information and steps in the college planning process:

Glossary of College Terms

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