Senior Checklist

S E N I O R      C H E C K L I S T



_____  Complete the Senior Transcript Review credit check.  Check senior classes.  Do they meet college requirements? 

_____  Decide on colleges.  Write for applications.  Begin first drafts of required essays.   

_____  Complete the Activity Sheet and request letters of recommendation from teachers and your school counselor. 

_____  Check the scholarship drawer & catalogues.  Register and continue to respond to  scholarships.

_____  Register for the November  SAT if still needed.   Visit 

_____  Research exactly what is necessary to apply to each  school/college on your list.  Mark your calendar!.

_____  Attend college rep visits.  Check the Counseling Office weekly for these. 

_____  Attend College Fairs:  Marist College, Kingston, Hudson Valley CC., etc.

_____  Utilize the A-K College Application Checklist on our website: 



_____ Attend the College and Career Night in the H.S. Library.

_____  Work on your college admissions essays. 



_____  Take the November  SAT, at 7:30 AM in the high school,  if still needed.

_____  Complete the Transcript Request form in the counseling office and allow three days.  After allowing three days for processing, pick up your college application transcript packet and mail to the admissions offices with your college ap., essay, etc.  Teachers may wish to mail your letters of recommendation confidentially separately with the stamped and addressed envelopes you provided them.   If not, place these letters with the rest of your college application packet.

_____  File the Profile with financial aid offices.  Begin to look at  Get your FAFSA pin.



_____  December 15th  -  College Applications are due in the Counseling Office.      Mail your college applications.

_____  Continue to check announcements for scholarships and to check on Fastweb.  Keep your registration there current. 



_____  Check to make certain your college applications arrived at the colleges you sent them to.  Visit the colleges. 

_____  Complete the FAFSA and file the Profile with schools that require it.

_____  Attend the College Pre-View event in the library, 10-Noon, on the first Wednesday in January. 

_____  Attend the Financial Aid Night in the library at 5 P.M. on the first Wednesday in January.



_____  Check with your colleges to make certain that they received your mid-year report.

_____  Continue to apply for scholarships.  Keep checking our web site.



_____  Apply for the Rondout Valley Scholarships.

_____  Finalize orders for cap and gown, prom tickets, etc.  Get yearbook materials in.



_____  Notify the college of your choice.  Send the college your deposit. 

_____  Notify Mrs. Wells and your school counselor so that final transcripts can be sent to the correct school.



_____  Attend Senior Breakfast and the Awards ceremony. 

_____  Get an extra copy of your transcript and then make ten.  You will use them.   You may need them for scholarship applications (these come to you through Fastweb throughout college).  Gather any letters of recommendation that are available for you to use for work study  jobs or other jobs near the college.  Keep and use these.