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Our deepest gratitude goes to Richard Murphy, owner of the Egg's Nest Restaurant in High Falls for donating $26,000 to the Rondout Valley Education Foundation "so that musical theater continues to enrich the lives of those in our area". Here is the announcement in the Blue Stone Press. —    

Richard was one of the first to invest in the RVEF at its inception in 2005, starting the Foundation on the road to fulfilling its mission for the students of the Rondout Valley School District. His support now not only raises awareness of the role an education foundation can play, but also invites each of us to play a role in enhancing education and offering opportunities that will enrich our students and the community that supports them.   ______________________________________________________________

Education Foundations have historically been an integral part of many successful colleges and universities. They fund programs and facilities that maintain their school's high standards. Within the current political and economic climate, public education is at a pivotal point of survival and this same model is now being used nation-wide in support of public schools as well.
     We are actively seeking community members who understand the benefits that a Foundation can bring to a school district and who are interested in participating on the Board of Directors. Together we can realize the potential that this Foundation has to make a difference for our students and our district.
     The RVEF Board of Directors meets on the second Thursday of the month from 7:00 - 8:30 PM in the Howard St. John Conference Room on the ground floor of the Clinton Building at Ulster County Community College in Stone Ridge, NY. Contact us at if you would like more information.
      Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 8


For a review of how the RVEF has been working within the school community since it was established click on the Information Update link at left.

Commemorative Brick Walk

Looking for a way to honor or remember a special staff member? Maybe you would like to commemorate a theater production, a championship, your time on a sports team or in band or chorus or a club, or a teacher or booster group that helped you along your way. This is your chance to etch that memory on a brick.
Consider getting a group together to combine resources to make that happen!

Come take a look!
   The first group of bricks was engraved in April 2012!  Only 6 more brick orders needed to reach the minimum number needed for the next group of bricks waiting to be engraved...

The brick walk is located around the base of the flag pole in the student commons area in front of the High School. For more information about the brick walk click the Commemorative Brick Walk link at left.