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Winter Concert
High School Winter Concert
Join us on Thursday, December 14th, to hear our band and chorus students performing contemporary, classical, popular, & seasonal favorites!
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HS Incident Update
Please note the attached analysis report related to the incident at the High School from Dr. Michael O'Rourke, Administrator/Staff, Industrial Hygienist, Ulster BOCES Risk Management.
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High School Update
At about 2:00 PM today, smoke was detected in the High School Auditorium. All students were safely evacuated and dismissed.
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safety sign
Rondout Valley Safety Drill Overview
Yesterday the District conducted an unannounced safety drill at the District Office, High School, Intermediate School and Junior High School. You may not know but districts are required by state regulation to conduct several unannounced safety drills in each building during the school year.
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Superintendent Search
Survey for Superintendent Search
In an effort to engage the whole Rondout Valley community, the Board of Education is taking input from our community in order to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to share their opinions directly with the Board of Education. The Board of Education has elected to proceed with a closed search in order to have the highest caliber candidates apply to our school district. While our search will remain confidential, the Board of Education would desire and value all input from all stakeholders.
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Kudos Corner

Kudos to: Joann Redmond and Krista Kelly
From: Lee Cutler and Charlie Tadduni

This past week we had a student get stung by a bee. This student had no history of allergic reaction to insect bites, however a brief period of what the nurses thought was a localized reaction soon turned into a tightening in the student’s throat, labored breathing and a full blown anaphylactic reaction. Joann and Krista went into action like a well-oiled machine: they administered the school issued Epi Pen, called 911, called the parents and just as important stayed calm and offered the best bedside manner in all of Ulster County. Then when the child was not responding well, they administered the other school issued Epi Pen and kept the student calm and distracted till the ambulance arrived. After the student was transported to the hospital Krista and Joann kept in touch with the family throughout the weekend, checking on the student’s progress and keeping the principals updated on how the child was doing. We could not be prouder to be working with such tremendously professional and gifted school nurses who are great with students, faculty and staff day in and day out, who go above and beyond on a daily basis and who occasionally save lives!

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Tuesday, 12/19/17
C Day

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Superintendent Search
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