Remote Learning Guidelines

Remote Learning Guidelines
Posted on 09/18/2020
Remote Learning Guidelines

Dear Parents and Guardians:

We hope everyone’s year is getting off to a good start and we are here to support our students and families in any way we can. These are challenging times and we are all trying to adjust to the new normal. In this new environment I would like to share some guidance on remote learning expectations.

While your encouragement, support and help in facilitating your child’s participation in remote instruction is appreciated, the remote sessions essentially constitute a virtual classroom and just like the physical classroom we all need to respect and strive to create a superior atmosphere for learning, free of any disruptions and/or distractions. Please be mindful of the need to avoid any disruptions, interruptions and/or any unnecessary background noise and/or conversations during remote classroom instruction by anyone other than the teacher and/or students who are engaged in the learning activity.

During remote learning, students shall be held to the same standards set forth in the Code of Conduct, including the prohibited conduct and potential penalties. Remote learning sessions and content will not be recorded in any way, by anyone other than the teacher, including, but not limited to, taking videos, photos, or screen shots.

Students may not display any virtual backgrounds, photographs, or objects during a video conference or during remote learning that would violate the Code of Conduct. Students and parents/guardians may not share Zoom meeting invitations/links. Parents/guardians, other adults, and siblings may not participate in Zoom meetings.

In a regular school situation, any visitor, including a parent, who acts inappropriately and/or in a disruptive manner on school grounds could be asked to leave, and, in the most extreme situations, might be prohibited from future access in certain settings. This applies to remote learning sessions as well.

Upon parental request a recording of new instruction will be provided for students who may have missed a lesson. Remote session recordings and content will not be shared on any social media platform or other similar means. Any violations of this prohibition may result in a revocation of the right to receive recorded sessions.

Thank you for your support and help in ensuring that remote learning for our students is as successful as possible.

Very truly yours,

Joseph Morgan, Superintendent