Update Regarding Future Emergency Closing Days

Update Regarding Future Emergency Closing Days
Posted on 02/15/2021
future emergency closing days

Dear Rondout Valley School Community:

We have seen a lot of snow this winter so far, and we have used five (5) of our eight (8) emergency closing days. Each year when we create the school calendar, we build in emergency closing days. We have 181 instructional days each year and this year there are eight (8) emergency closing days for a total of 189 scheduled school days. If we do not use all of the emergency closing days, we have give-back days in the spring to bring our total number of instructional days to 181.

In a year when the weather is particularly snowy, and we use over our allotted emergency closing days, we would need to reduce our spring break days to make up for lost instructional days. This year we have the option to pivot to fully remote instruction if we use up all our emergency closing days.

Over the next few weeks if we exhaust all of our emergency closing days and we need to close school for a weather-related emergency, or some other reason, we will pivot to fully remote instruction for all students. If this occurs, we will send out information via SchoolMessenger as well as post it to our website and Facebook to notify everyone.

Please note that the above-described procedure will occur after we have used our remaining three (3) emergency closing days.

Thank you in advance for your patience and support as we navigate through the inclement weather and the pandemic.

Joseph Morgan, Superintendent
To view a pdf version of this letter, please use this link.