Update to the Reported HS Rumor

Update to the Reported HS Rumor
Posted on 02/21/2019

A message from Superintendent Morgan: The events of last night have understandably caused concern among our parents. Now that the investigation has been closed with absolute certainty, I would like to share some additional information with you about what occurred yesterday.

-What was the threat? 
There never was an actual threat; at no time were any students or staff threatened or in harm’s way in any sense of the word. Students brought information forward about something that was overheard, misunderstood, and then turned into a rumor which spread via social media. As the rumor spread, it grew and was fueled by speculation and hearsay. The rumor was thoroughly investigated by law enforcement and determined to be unfounded. They assured us there was never a credible threat.

-Will there be extra police presence? 
Yes, both the Sherriff’s Office and State Police offered to have an additional presence in our schools today in an abundance of caution and to reassure our students and staff they are safe. We understand that situations such as this can create anxiety, fear, and uncertainty for students, parents, and staff. The additional police presence in all of our buildings is intended to help reassure everyone.

-Why wasn’t a robo call sent to parents? 
Parents were notified via email as soon as we had accurate information to share. A message was posted on our website and on our Facebook page to alert parents to the investigation and communicate that the situation was not a credible threat. Robocalls were not made because there was never an actual threat or danger.

-Why were the police still at the school hours after this was looked into? 
Police were present to debrief after their investigation. This situation was taken very seriously - it was investigated thoroughly and many students were questioned. Rumors that were spread via social media contributed to speculation and lengthened the investigation.

I understand the concern expressed by parents about the safety of their children. It is unfortunate that our children are growing up in a society where the unthinkable is possible. However, I want to again assure you that safety is always our primary concern. Any reported threats are thoroughly investigated and will be treated as an actual threat until it is determined otherwise. Our decisions will always be based on safety.

Originally posted on 2/20/19