Superintendent's Welcome

Welcome to the Rondout Valley Central School District. The beauty of rural living abounds throughout the towns served by the District located just 90 miles north of NYC in the center of Ulster County.

 Our district’s Educational Master Plan, outlines our commitment to prepare our students well for a 21st century life that is increasingly complex, technical, and global. We are determined to create a learning environment in which each student achieves academic and personal excellence.

Teaching and learning are at the core of our enterprise. With a district focus on small class size, we are able to provide enriching and engaging learning opportunities for all students. Our district is a regional leader in farm-to-school collaborations has developed award winning STEM initiatives and our award winning music and art programs are supported by nationally and internationally talented musicians, artisans, and craftspeople.

We know that a dynamic curriculum that engages students in deep learning taught by highly competent professionals who are held accountable for learning results is key to our students' success here.

Please take the time to get to know us better through this Web site.
Rosario Agostaro, Superintendent

Superintendent Agostaro

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President Obama has launched an “Educate to Innovate” campaign to improve the participation and performance of America’s students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Please view the video.

Rosario Agostaro
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Secretary & District Clerk 
 Debra Barbiani
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