Budget/audit Committee


Budget/Audit Committee BOE Members
Nicole Parete - Chair
Lucy VanSickle

All Budget Committee meeting documents will be posted on eBoard. They can be accessed by clicking the star on the Board of Education page labeled "eBoard". You can then hover over the meetings tab and select the meeting that you are looking for. 

Statewide School Finance Consortium Executive Director, Dr. Rick Timbs, talks about school funding in New York State through a series of informative videos.
The Statewide School Finance Consortium (SSFC) is an organization of nearly 360 New York State public school districts whose mission is to bring equity to the distribution of New York State educational aid. The reform of the state aid process will help ensure that all of New York’s children receive the same educational opportunities regardless of the wealth or location of their community.

 Tax Cap Legislation Information

 At the end of June 2011, the New York State Legislature enacted a property tax “cap” that seeks to limit the annual increase in the tax levies of local governments and school districts. The new legislation will affect district planning starting with the 2012-13 school budget.

Although the new law has been referred to as a “2 percent tax cap,” it does not, in fact, restrict any proposed tax levy increase to 2 percent. What it does is establish a tax levy limit (which will be determined by each district according to an eight-step, complex formula dictated by the law, and will vary by district) that determines the number of votes needed to pass a school budget.

Keep in Mind

The tax levy is the total dollars that a school district collects from property owners within the district in order to balance its budget. The levy is determined after accounting for all other sources of income, including state aid.
The tax rate is used to calculate what each property owner will pay in school taxes. The district tax levy rate is just one factor, along with assessment rates and equalization rates that figure into determining the tax rate. The district does not set individual tax rates.