Distinguished Service Award

2021 Thomas King Distinguished Service Award

The Rondout Valley Central School District Board of Education proudly announces the annual Thomas King Distinguished Service Award. This award is aimed to identify and acknowledge the outstanding contributions put forth by our staff and establish a tradition of excellence.

Who is eligible?
Any employee who has served the District for a minimum of 5 years.
Individuals may be nominated by fellow employees, parents, or members of the Board of Education.

Criteria for nomination (at least one of the following):
Effectiveness with students
Contribution(s) to the profession
Contribution(s) in working with students outside the classroom
Long-term outstanding contribution(s) to the District 

Nomination Categories
Cafeteria Unit
Clerical Unit
Custodial Unit
Committee’s Choice
Completion of nomination form
Supporting letter/essay

April 26, 2021 by 4:30 pm

Selection Committee
3 Board of Education Members 

Board of Education Presentation
June 8, 2021

To see a list of past recipients of the Distinguished Service Award, please click the link to the left labeled "Past Recipients."