Classroom Grants

Classroom Grant Program:

This program was established by the Foundation to offer teachers the opportunity to apply for mini-grants to support innovative programs and/or the purchase of materials and supplies necessary for an optimal classroom learning environment not covered by the current school budget. Classroom Grant Fund contributions are received from designated donations via the Foundation's donation form, as well as through the opportunity extended to all RVCSD employees via a payroll deduction pledge.

The classroom grant protocol and application form are available to download via the links at left.

Further information about the Classroom Grant Program is contained in the Letter to RVCSD Employees link at left.

The Payroll Deduction Pledge Form is also available to download via the link at left.

Although we all receive many requests for donations to many worthy organizations, please consider donating through the payroll deduction plan for a program that is "up-close and personal." Your voluntary tax-deductible payroll deduction or an annual donation in any amount will make a difference here in our school district for our children.