Foundation Grant Fund

In addition to grants available through the Foundation Grant Fund described below, the RVEF partners with school related groups to receive donations through the RVEF to support the purpose and activities of those groups. Information on current partnership funds and how to contact us to set up a partnership fund are listed in the partnership fund link on the left.

Foundation Grant Fund:
The purpose of the Foundation Grant Fund is to support grants to students, education providers and/or others that fulfill RVEF’s mission to enhance educational opportunities for the children of the Rondout Valley Central Schools in partnership with the larger community. Donations made to this fund will be distributed through grants applied for by students, education providers and/or others* following the established grant protocol, application and report procedures for this fund. (Education providers and others must comply with District requirements for interaction with students.) Grant applications are reviewed by the Foundation’s Grant Committee. The committee then presents their recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval before awards are announced.

There is a $2000 limit for grants awarded through the Foundation Grant Fund. Applications for grants that are $500.00 or less are accepted and awards are announced throughout the current school year. Applications for grants over $500.00 up to $2000.00 are accepted from February 1 through April 30 of the current school year for projects planned for the following school year. Grants awarded are announced prior to the end of the current school year in June, and funding will be distributed prior to the start of the school year in September or at a time mutually agreed upon between the recipient and the RVEF.

* If not a RVCSD employee, be prepared to give a brief presentation of your
project/program to the RVEF Board of Directors.

Special donation recognition:
It is in large part through the philanthropic support of alumni, friends and the larger community that the RVEF will be able to achieve its mission. One of our friends and an initial supporter of the Foundation is Richard Murphy, former owner of the Egg's Nest Restaurant in High Falls. We celebrate that his donation of $26,000 has increased the community's awareness of the Foundation and that it invites each of us to find a way to play a role in enhancing education and offering opportunities that will enrich our students and therefore our community. With this kind of support the Foundation will be able to assist students and educators when they face an area of educational need and will allow the Foundation to invest funds to insure future needs will be met.