Required Scoliosis Screenings

Rondout Valley School Health Services
P.O. Box 9
Accord, New York 12404
687-2400 x4603 or 4604

March 2017
Dear Parent/Guardian:

The district’s School Health Services program supports your student’s academic success by promoting health in the school setting.  One way that we provide care for your student is by performing a yearly screening examination for the detection of postural deformity known as scoliosis as mandated by the State of New York.  The screenings are performed in fifth through eighth grades.

This mandatory screening will begin very soon in the Rondout Valley Intermediate and Junior High School.  It will be performed in the Health Office or in the privacy of the locker room.  Complete viewing of the back and legs is necessary during the screening.  Only shorts or underwear is required attire.  For girls’ modesty, they may wear a bra or bathing suit that allows for a clear view of their back.  

A letter will be sent home if there are any findings on the screening done at school that would cause concern or need medical follow-up.  

So that you may better understand what scoliosis is, an information sheet has been enclosed.  If you should have any questions regarding scoliosis or the screening process, please feel free to call the Intermediate or Junior High School health offices during school hours.


Krista Kelly, RN and Joann Redmond, RN
School Nurses
Rondout Valley Intermediate and Junior High Schools