BOE Goals 2019-2020

Rondout Valley Central School District
2019-2020 School Year
Board of Education Goals

1. Learning - The Board will support opportunities for the District to provide a rigorous, relevant curriculum. Students will have equitable access to a variety of learning experiences. Continuous growth will be encouraged through project based learning, BOCES opportunities and challenging and engaging courses.

2.  Financial - Budget development will be transparent, and will focus on maintaining and enhancing programs and services. A 5 year fiscal plan will be developed to ensure the long-term financial security of the District.

3.  Capital Project - The District will successfully oversee the design and construction of phase 1 of the Capital Project. The District website and social media will be used to regularly communicate progress. 

4.  Climate and Culture - The District will cultivate a climate of mutual respect, collaboration, and trust. 

Growth Mindset philosophy will be used to create a learning environment that promotes lifelong learning. 

Restorative practices will be implemented with ongoing training, support, and incorporation into District policies.  Stakeholders will feel welcome, safe and supported.

10/8/19 Board Meeting