Facility Use Request - Staff

Due to the school closure we have cancelled all facility usage until further notice.  All requests previously submitted will be removed and all future requests will be denied.  We will post an update when we are able to open our facilities again. Thank you. Stay well.

Thank you for accessing our Facility Request Portal!
Please register first and then once approved, you may submit facility requests. This login will be used for all of your future requests.

Please note the following:
- ALL requests must be submitted through this portal. Paper requests will no longer be accepted.
- ALL requests must be entered 3 weeks prior to the event.
- ALL requests must include valid proof of insurance.  
- If serving food Board of Heath approval is required. Proof must be attached to ALL requests.
- Hours of operation are 7:00am-9:00pm.
- In the event of an emergency closing, all facilities will be closed.

*Submittal Password Required for all requests is: gander

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Instructions on how to view the public calendar of scheduled events

*For information on field locations please view the maps