Capital Project Details


For the past two years the District Facilities Committee has been meeting with architects and engineers to review the Building Condition Survey and identify and prioritize necessary work in the district’s schools.  The Facilities Committee has looked at the work in the Capital Project through the lens of improving health and safety for the students and the staff throughout the district.  
The process has included tours of the district’s facilities, meetings with the principals and other stakeholders to help to identify work that needs to be addressed.  The project also focuses on improving the energy efficiency of our buildings.  A building project approved by the School District voters and by New York State Education Department, from work identified in our Building Condition Survey, will receive State Aid to help pay for the project.  Also, the energy saved by replacing old lighting with LED lights, replacing old inefficient boilers, and replacing old drafty windows will significantly reduce our energy costs over the next 15 years and will reduce the electric and heating oil budget lines paid from the general fund.  The District will also qualify for NYSERDA grants from doing energy efficiency upgrades.

Capital Project Addresses:
-Health and Safety
-Energy Efficiency
-Long Term Financial Stability
-Instructional Needs of the Whole Child
*Arts and Music

Electrical Panels

Old electrical panels and service
that need to be replaced and
updated to meet increased demand.

Why Do a Building Project?

Every five years school districts are required to conduct a Building Condition Survey. Items identified in the survey that need repair, such as roofs, boilers, heating systems, electrical systems, etc. included in a building project, that is approved by voters and by the State Education Education Department, will receive state aid to help pay for the project. For Rondout over 55% of the project will be funded with State Aid. The work is necessary and a building project that receives State Aid is the most financially prudent mechanism to get the work done.

Project Financing Graph

Roof and Parking Lot Replacements
leaking Roofs leaking Roofs
Leaking Roof

poor drainage   drainage
Leaking roofs have caused water infiltration and damage.

deteriorating parking lots

Deteriorating parking lots create unsafe
 conditions for students, staff, and visitors. 

Old inefficient boilers
The boilers at the middle School and both elementary schools are approaching 30 years old.
New boilers will reduce fuel costs and improve the heating in the buildings and help the district become more energy efficient.  

New LED lighting will reduce electricity costs.
LED lighting

Multi-purpose Turf Field with Lights
The District’s athletic fields are highly used and the fields are frequently unable to recover between seasons.  The water table is often inadequate during drought periods to provide sufficient irrigation.  Fields become unsafe for practices and competition and a multiple-purpose turf field would provide our teams with a much needed alternative.  A multi-purpose turf field with lighting would extend times for play and allow our teams to play longer into the fall and begin practices earlier in the spring.

Proposed Athletic Field

Poor drainage on our athletic fields cause dangerous playing conditions and results in many practices and games to be relocated to turf fields in other communities. 

athletic field  athletic fields

athletic team
Ensuring that our student-athletes have fields that are safe and playable. 

Capital Project Proposal  $61,800,000 - $2,000,000 (Cash) = $59,000,000

State Aid will cover over 55% of the cost.

Local share will be approximately:
Tax Rate impact = avg. of $1.03 per $1,000 of assessed value over 15 years

$100,000 Home = $103
$200,000 Home = $206

project financing graph

Rondout Valley School District tax rate is the second lowest in the area and will likely continue to be the second lowest in the area after the passage of the Capital Project.

Vote Date: December 11th, 2018
Snow Date: December 18th, 2018
Time: 7:00 AM—9:00 PM
Location: Rondout Valley CSD District Office

About Voting & Absentee Ballots
Polls will be open on Tuesday, December 11, from 7 AM to 9 PM, in the Rondout Valley District Office on Kyserike Road. To be eligible to vote, you must be:
-Registered to vote
-18 years of age or older
-A citizen of the United States and a resident of the Rondout Valley Central School District for at least 30 days immediately prior to the vote.

Absentee ballots are available at the District Office for people unable to vote at the polls. If the voter would like an absentee ballot mailed, the District Clerk must receive an application for an absentee ballot at least seven (7) days before the election. If the ballots are to be picked up personally at the District Clerk’s Office, they must be picked up at least the day before the election (providing that an approved application for an absentee ballot has been received by the District Clerk). Absentee ballots must be returned to the District Clerk’s Office by 5 PM on the day of the election. For more information, call the District Office at 845-687-2400.

Regional District Tax Rates

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