Update from Superintendent Morgan 3/26/20

Update from Superintendent Morgan
Posted on 03/26/2020
Update from Superintendent MorganDear Rondout School Community:

It is important for students to have structure during the day. We are also mindful of the fact that every family situation is different now. At this point in time, we know it is not feasible to completely adhere to normal school schedules or conform, minute-by-minute, to our regular bell schedule at home. We do not expect our students or our staff to sit in front of a computer device all day. While our community, our country, and our world are dealing with this health crisis, families will have this rare opportunity to personalize schedules in ways that make sense for the lives of everyone.

We ask that to the greatest extent possible students check their school email and Google Classroom frequently. Students will receive specific instructions from teachers in order to complete assignments. Students are expected to engage and complete each assignment as directed by their teacher. Students will have the option to complete work during designated class time or on their own schedule. Students will have an opportunity to communicate with their teachers during the school day and each teacher will share the times they will be providing instruction and when they will be available for two-way communication.

Each student in grades 5-12 were issued a device. Our district is striving to address any Internet access issues, especially for our elementary students. Please complete the K-4 Internet survey on our website (https://www.rondout.k12.ny.us/administration/news_2/grades_k-4_internet_survey). Your responses will help us address Internet access issues in our District.

If at any time a student doesn’t understand something, they are encouraged to contact their teacher. Students may contact teachers through email, Google Classroom or call their extension at school and leave a voicemail. Teachers will contact the student, the student’s parents and the student’s guidance counselor if the student is absent from Google Classroom for two or more classes.

Teachers will be accessible to students during regular school hours for specific questions, instructional support, and reinforcement. Parents and students can email teachers or call and leave a voicemail. Teachers will check their voicemail remotely periodically. All staff will make every effort to respond to emails within a 24-hour period.

Please remember that district devices and email accounts are only for school-related activities.

Joseph Morgan, Superintendent