Press Release from NTS

Press Release from NTS
Posted on 06/02/2020
NTS Press Release

NTS Press Release 6/1/2020

Today, NTS released information to our customers regarding our plan to have the remaining ballots mailed by the June 3, 2020 deadline.

Late last week it became questionable as to whether NTS could meet the deadline for school districts depending on our services to hold their Annual Vote.

This was primarily caused by delayed and fragmented deliveries of large volumes of critical supplies, like supply shortages hospitals have faced during the pandemic.

However, due to the 24/7 diligent hard work and creativity of our staff and other partners, it now appears the deadline for ballot mailings will be met.

This is the first time NTS has been in jeopardy of missing a deadline in over 40 years of service to the election industry in New York State. We take pride in our decades of providing timely election tabulation results and delivery of millions of election-related print materials.

During these most challenging times, every effort has been and will continue to be put forth to be successful for our customers.

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