Fully Remote Learning Survey - Fall 2020

Fully Remote Learning Survey - Fall 2020
Posted on 08/11/2020
Fully Remote Learning Survey - Fall 2020

Dear Families and Guardians:

As the Rondout School District continues to closely monitor the local, national and worldwide impact of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, and the illness it causes, it is reasonable and prudent to assume that COVID-19 may affect our students and their families.

Any family or guardian who would prefer 100% off site remote learning, including children with health conditions, please complete the survey that is now available (link below) by midnight on August 20, 2020 (this date was updated on 8/12/20).

Please understand that by choosing to have your child in fully remote learning, your child will participate in a remote-only learning experience from the first day of school through the end of the first quarter. At that time, you will have the option to continue with remote learning or return to school with in-person instruction. Your child’s instructional learning will be standards based and grading of work will all be based on a remote learning format for the first quarter.

Distance learning will include both synchronous (live scheduled sessions) and asynchronous (to be viewed at their own pace) instruction. Google classroom will be used for the posting of assignments along with Zoom live instruction sessions.

Very truly yours,
Joe Morgan, Superintendent

Link to Fully Remote Learning Survey for Fall 2020 https://forms.gle/pqyPFsr4n2B5Fo426