Emergency Closing Days

Emergency Closing Days
Posted on 12/16/2020
from our superintendent

Dear Rondout School Community:

Rondout Valley Central School District has 8 emergency closing days built into the school calendar in case of inclement weather or other emergencies that would cause schools to close. If those days are not used, then our schools would be closed later in the year.

It is our intention to use our emergency days as we have in the past; that is if there are hazardous conditions programs will be closed. If we are closed, no remote or in-person instruction will take place. If we come to the point where we have used all our emergency closing days we would then pivot, during an emergency, to remote instruction.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much for our children. Very few childhood acts have remained unchanged. This is our opportunity to leave one act, the act of closing schools due to snow, unchanged. Snow days are an opportunity for kids to be kids; by sleeping in, playing in the snow, watching a movie, or even reading a book. As one superintendent recently said, “these are times for memory-making, and we believe that these opportunities should remain intact.”

If it is necessary for the district to close schools, families and staff will be notified via email, text and/or phone call via our SchoolMessenger program.

Any changes to our regular schedule will also be posted on the district website and social media accounts.

I truly appreciate our staff and families, especially during these difficult times.


Joseph Morgan, Superintendent