Regents Exam Information

Regents Exam Information
Posted on 04/22/2021
Regents Exam Information

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Dear Rondout Valley High School Families,

As many of you are likely aware, the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) did not approve New York’s waiver to forego state assessments this year. However, due to COVID-19 and the impact on our schools and students, the New York State Board of Regents has acted on a series of emergency regulations to allow for exceptions to diploma requirements associated with the June 2021 and August 2021 Regents Examinations administration.


The NYS Board of Regents recently cancelled all Regents Exams that are not required by the USDE. As a result, all New York State public schools will be administering the Algebra 1, English Language Arts, Living Environment and Earth Science Regents Examinations this June. Below is a summary of the amendments.

• Only the following Regents Exams are scheduled to be administered in June 2021: o English Language Arts (June 17)

o Living Environment (June 22) 

o Algebra 1 (June 23) 

o Earth Science *written test ONLY (June 24) 

• All other Regents Exams not listed above are CANCELLED for June 2021. 

• All August 2021 Regents Exams are CANCELLED. 

• Students are eligible for an exemption for Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B World Language Exams.


Although we will make Regents Examinations available to all eligible students, scores on these exams will not negatively impact student’s course grades, GPAs, or graduation requirements. In fact, all students who successfully (receive a passing final grade of 65% or higher) complete a course that culminates with a Regents Examination will automatically receive an exemption for the exam. Students who were previously enrolled in a course culminating in a Regents Examination, achieved a course credit, but has not yet passed the associated Regents Examination, but intended to retake the Regents in June 2021 will also receive an exemption for the exam.


Because of spacing constraints in our schools due to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines, it is very important for us to know how many students will be taking these tests. We are asking all families of students in Grades 9-12 to fill out this short survey to let us know if your child will be participating so that we can plan accordingly. Please complete this form by May 14th.


We encourage all students with parent support to participate in the Regents Exams. Sitting for a Regents Exam this school year provides our students with an opportunity to experience the administration of a Regents Examination in a low-stakes environment. Your child’s score on the Regents Exams will not negatively affect their course grade and it is one more opportunity for us to assess their learning. 


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Your lead learner,

Jessica Torok 

Principal, Rondout Valley High School


Frequently Asked Questions Related to the June 2021 Exemptions from Diploma Requirements


Q: Do in-person students have to take the Regents Exam in order to be eligible to access the exemption? 

A: No, the guidance does not require a student to take the Regents Exam in order to be eligible for the exemption. Students will automatically receive an exemption from the Regents Exam regardless of their learning model (e.g., in-person or fully remote). Should a student not pass the course, the Regents Examination exemption will not be granted.


Q: If a student takes one of the four Regents Exams being administered in June 2021 and fails, may they still qualify for an exemption to the diploma requirement associated with the examination? 

A: Yes, as long as they pass the required course associated with the exam.


Q: How will an exemption appear on a student’s transcript? 

A: Instead of a numeric score being posted on the transcript, an “E” for exemption will appear on the transcript indicating credit for the exam has been achieved.


Q: Will the exemption count towards a diploma? 

A: Yes. Students will receive credit for the exam towards graduation requirements.


Q: Will students be required to take the exam again in the future? 

A: No. Once the exemption is granted, students have received credit for the exam towards their diploma.


Q: If a student takes a Regents and passes the exam with a 65+, but is not happy with their grade, can they request an exemption appear on their transcript rather than the grade that they are not satisfied with? 

A: Yes. They do not have to include their score on the transcript. Students have the choice to record the numeric score or “E” on their transcript.