Letter from the Superintendent 9.1.22

Letter from the Superintendent 9.1.22
Posted on 09/01/2022
letter from the superintendent

Dear Rondout Valley CSD Community,
The District recently contracted to have the gym floors in the high school sanded and refinished. During the process the workers/contractors laying out the stencils incorrectly spelled the District’s name as “Roundout” and not Rondout. As soon as the District was made aware of the error we contacted the contractors so they could correct their mistake. Both the submittals and the specifications that the District approved for the lettering had the correct spelling. The contractors assured us that a correction will be made at no cost to the District.

We take great pride in our name and this error was as upsetting to us as it was to many in the community. Again, the contractor will rectify this as soon as possible and at no cost to the District.

Joseph Morgan