RVCSD BOE Swears in Student Representatives

RVCSD BOE Swears in Student Representatives
Posted on 09/30/2022
Student Board of Education MembersTwo Rondout Valley Central School District (RVCSD) students were recently selected to represent the student body on the Board of Education (BOE) for the 2022-2023 school year. Sierra Hikade, a junior at Rondout Valley High School, and returning student representative Emily Bartolone, a senior, took their oaths of office at the September 13 meeting. 

Both students have ideas and goals that they plan to pursue this year. Major topics they hope to tackle include bridging the gaps between District-level goals and student experience, as well as the gaps between teacher and student relationships. In addition, they plan to shed more light on the District-wide Dignity for All Students Act initiative, and hope to assist students in speaking out about their problems. 

Emily is happy to be a part of the Board again as a senior. “I look forward to teaching Sierra everything I learned last year, and being a role model for her and the other students,” she shared. This year, she hopes to connect with other student board members throughout the county, and work together to create a unified system across all Ulster County school districts.

The student representatives are responsible for making sure that all students have a voice. Sierra is hoping to create a more enjoyable school experience for her classmates, as this was something she heard in conversations among her peers. “If we are enjoying school, then it makes learning easier and allows us to do better in our classes,” she said. “I also think that clubs play a major role. They are great for mental health and for making friends, and I want as many students to experience them as possible.” Both Emily and Sierra hope to make extracurriculars more accessible for students, whether it be by changing the times the activities are available or providing the resources their peers need to participate.  

RVCSD Superintendent Joseph Morgan values the importance of having students on the school board. “Each year the student representatives bring a student voice to the Board and share their perspectives and ideas,” he said. “We are looking forward to working with Emily and Sierra this year.”