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Funding Resources:
The Rondout Valley Education Foundation is funded through Grants,Donations, and Fundraising events. It is in large part through the philanthropic support of alumni, friends and the larger community that the RVEF will be able to achieve its mission.
Out of respect for those groups already contributing effectively to our schools and communities, the RVEF has made a conscious decision not to rely on local funding as its primary resource.  Thus, the Foundation expects to reach beyond the community in raising funds, especially through grant programs sponsored by corporations, governments, and other institutions.

Outside Grant Programs:
         Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley, through a grant from the Dyson Foundation, offers a Field Trip Grant Program. This program is designed to distribute funds in amounts up to $2000 to public schools in Dutchess and Ulster Counties. Funding priority will be given to high needs schools/districts. More information can be found at

       Other Foundations and institutions offer grants to organizations that promote educational pursuits. Most of these types of grants are not available to public school districts but are available to organizations and agencies that work in cooperation with school districts. These are the types of grants that the RVEF will seek to fund innovative educational opportunities and projects that expand students’ cultural and intellectual experiences.

         Private and corporate donations will be solicited to build an endowment that will allow the Foundation to serve the students in our school community now and into the future. The Foundation expects to conduct a continuous program of solicitation for new and additional grants, gifts,bequests, and legacies from a wide range of governmental, corporate,and individual donors.  In particular, as the district develops targeted future programs--for example in science, computing or the arts--the RVEF may be able to solicit donations of equipment, expertise or funding to assist with program growth and development.  Moreover, it is possible that many residents and home-owners may bring effective connections to major corporations, which will be helpful in tapping the potential for corporate support. The Foundation welcomes suggestions for potential funding sources or corporate partners.

Fundraising events:
           Of course, the RVEF plans to provide opportunities for local donations,although these will be limited in scope.  Among these may be:
                        - An annual community campaign
                        - An annual fundraising event
                        - Events honoring community members, students, or teachers
                        - Alumni campaigns
                        - Bequests or other gifts