District Office Phone List

To reach any extension from outside the schools, dial
(845) 687-2400 and then the extension listed
To e-mail an employee, use the e-mail listed,
followed by @rondout.k12.ny.us

Extension Location Position E-mail
  Superintendent’s Office     
4802/4803   Dr. Joseph Morgan Superintendent of Schools jmorgan
4802  Heather Mikesh  Administrative Assistant  hmikesh
4803 Debra Barbiani Secretary & District Clerk dbarbiani
4800 Lori Baker  Receptionist/Switchboard lbaker 
4100 Nancy Auriemma Human Resources Administrator nauriemma
  Central Registration    
 4814 Bonnie Markle Central Registration Clerk bmarkle 

Assistant Superintendent's Office
4805 Lisa Pacht Assistant Superintendent of Schools & Operations
4805 Ann Connors Secretary aconnors
4664 Jeena Dittmar Workshops/Conferences    jdittmar
4767  Anne Kelly K-12 Standards Area Chair, Data, ENL & LOTE akelly2 
  Diversity Equity and Inclusion    
4114  Nicole Kappes-Levine  Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  nkappes-levine 
Pupil Personnel Services
4820 Megan Braren Director of Pupil Personnel Services mbraren
4863 Louann Miszko Secretary - (Preschool, UPK) lmiszko
4818 Jaime Churchill CPSE Chair/CSE Chair – (PreK-6) jchurchill
4821 Danielle Kennedy CSE Chair – (9-12) dkennedy2
4846 Malena Callan Grades (K-6) mcallan2
4847 MaryBeth Lunati Grades (7-12) mlunati
4817 Shane Churchill Account Clerk schurchill
Business Office             
4812  Deanna Rosinski School Business Official drosinski 
4808  Deborah Long Treasurer  dlong 
4812 Kim McEvoy Secretary & Employee Benefits  kmcevoy
4807 Jesse Cazakoff Purchase Orders jcazakoff
4813 Kori Murphy Tax Collector kmurphy

4815 Annemarie Holden Transportation Supervisor aholden
4842 Chris Frenza Technology Integration Coach cfrenza
4843 Kyle McDermott Network Specialist kmcdermott
4853 Joan Sohm Secretary jsohm
4851 Randi Chase Typist/Web Specialist rchase
Buildings and Grounds Dept.
4152   Director of Facilities and Operations  
4825 Stephen Stephens School Building Leader sstephens
4827 Sharlene Nekos Secretary snekos
4816  Debra Chase  Secretary  dchase 
4227 Maintenance Garage Maintenance Garage
Copy Center 
4153 Nancy Lawrence Copy Attendant nlawrence
4261 Jeff Panek Athletic Director
4287 Deana DeGrote
Secretary ddegrote
Food Service
4215 John Matthews School Lunch Program Director jmatthews
4233 Amy Finkbeiner Secretary afinkbeiner