Alumni Hall of Pride

Hall of Pride Photo

The purpose of the Hall of Pride is to highlight the accomplishments of Rondout Valley alumni. The plaques of the inductees are now mounted in the Rondout Valley High School lobby where the Hall of Pride acts as a daily reminder to students of the many wonderful and varied accomplishments Rondout alumni have made in our local community and the world beyond.  In addition to accenting alumni accomplishments, the aim continues to be to create a tradition that enriches relationships and fosters networking among our students, alumni and community members.

Selection Criteria
Hall of Pride inductees are role models for Rondout students. These alumni have demonstrated and forwarded our goals for graduates to be critical thinkers, self-directed learners, effective communicators, collaborative, and community service oriented.

Specifically, Hall of Pride inductees are alumni who have shown exceptional work in the following areas:  
1. Personal Accomplishment – The inductee has accomplished a significant or exceptional goal that warrants acknowledgement. Examples include patriotic service, sports, fine arts, philanthropy, overcoming adversity to gain education, et cetera. 
2. Entrepreneurial and professional accomplishment – The inductee has made a significant contribution to his/her field including advanced degrees, leadership positions and/or responsibilities, published works, professional honors or awards. 
3. Academic achievement- The inductee has achieved exceptional academic work that reflects the schools goals for rigor, collaboration and articulation.
4. Community /school service- The inductee has made consistent and thoughtful contributions to the local and/or greater community including service, clubs, honors and awards. 
5. Leadership:  The inductee has exemplified leadership by spearheading collaborative efforts toward a common goal.  

Please direct questions regarding the Hall of Pride to the High School Principal's Office by calling 845-687-2400 extension 4201.