Vision for the Initiative

Food Science
The Rondout Valley School District was awarded a grant from the Local 

Economies Project in the amount of $726,000 to fund our Agriculture 
and Food Science Initiative. This grant will provide funding for 
the school district to develop curriculum for new course offerings, to create interpretive outdoor trails for educational use, to build an educational/research greenhouse and to renovate and develop a Food Science facility. The project will span a 3 year timeline, 
beginning with the trail construction.  
It is our goal to engage our students in learning about food from production to consumption. Through partnerships with institutes of higher education,
 local business, and the community, we aim to provide 
career and real-world experiences for students in areas of food science, 
food chemistry, food technology, and agriculture.

"The grant will enable Rondout teachers to develop unique curricula that cover every aspect of agriculture "from production to consumption" which will greatly enhance the level of student preparation for "life after Rondout," regardless of whether it involves pursuing a college degree or seeking employment. Personally, I cannot wait to begin using the greenhouse and various other technologies that will be purchased with the grant to run everything from simple growth investigations to complex genetic and biotechnology experiments in my Agriculture, AP Biology and Living Environment courses, and I eagerly anticipate the fruits of continued collaborations with the wealth of knowledgeable and talented members of our local agriculture community."
-Tom Ticknor, Teacher, Rondout Valley High School

-Breanna Costello, Rondout Valley Board of Education President

"We are very excited about the educational opportunities this grant has allowed us to explore. Our hope is that the Agriculture and Food Science initiative will not only benefit our students, but it will serve as an avenue for community involvement. Our partnership with the Rondout Valley Growers Association and the Farm Hub should help us do just that." 
-Robert Cook, Principal, Rondout Valley High School

-Wayne Beckerman, Rondout Valley Board of Education Member