Pupil Personnel Services

Pupil Personnel Services is a department within the school district that serves students with disabilities and their parents, universal preschool students, homeless students, and students who are in a hospital setting and need educational services.

The primary contact for preschool through third grade services, and seven and eighth grade services for students with disabilities is Ms. Robin Doick. Ms. Doick also oversees the universal preschool (UPK) program. Current sites that participate in the UPK program are: The Brookside School, Lederman Children's Center, Ulster Community College Child Care, and Rondout Methodist Church Cooperative Preschool. A lottery occurs in May of every year that provides free preschool programs for a limited number of students. For more information, please see the Universal Pre-K link to the left. In addition, Ms Doick is responsible for overseeing all special education services, preschool through third grade, and seventh and eighth grade. If you are concerned that your child may have a disability, typically you begin by working with the Instructional Support Team at your child’s school to identify specific, research based instructional strategies to remediate the problem. The building principal may refer you to Ms. Doick if your child is not responding to these interventions after a specific amount of time. Ms. Doick facilitates all of the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committee on Special Education (CSE) meetings for children in preschool through third grade, and grades seven and eight.  If you have questions regarding the level of service of a student with a disability, Ms. Doick welcomes your calls.

Dr. Iris Goliger is the grades four through six and grades nine through adult (age 21) CSE chair. Dr. Goliger facilitates all CSE meetings at this level and welcomes calls concerning services provided to students with disabilities. Initial referrals are made through the Instructional Support Team at the Intermediate and Junior High Schools and the Student Review Team at the High School. Initial contact is typically made through the student’s school counselor. Dr. Goliger also has the responsibility of overseeing transition services for students with disabilities. A goal of transition is to ensure that each student who leaves school gain meaningful skills for employment and college beyond graduation.

Dr. Wade is the designated homeless liaison for homeless students in the district. Primary contact may be directed to the school counselor of the student, the Director of Transportation depending on the issue. Parents of homeless students are welcome to call Dr. Wade for clarification or further assistance if needed. Dr. Wade is also the primary contact for families who have a child that has an illness that requires hospitalization. The PPS office will work with hospitals to provide educational services.

The PPS website offers parent information that will be helpful to parents. The Parent Handbook that is provided by the State of New York is provided as a link on this website. Additional information will be updated and included throughout the year. We welcome suggestions for additions to the website that would be helpful to families that we serve.

 Dr. Wade
Dr. Timothy Wade
Deputy Superintendent
Phone Ext. 4863

 Dr. Iris Goliger
CSE Chair
Grades 9-12
High Meadow
Phone Ext. 4821

 Megan Berean
Megan Berean
CSE Chairperson
Grades 4-8
Phone Ext. 4820

Robin Doick 
Robin Doick
Pre-K, UPK
Grades K-3
Phone Ext. 4818

Shane Churchill
Account Clerk
Phone Ext. 4817

Louann Miszko
Dept. Secretary
Pre-School & UPK
Phone Ext. 4863

Mary Beth Lunati
Grades 7-12
Phone Ext. 4847

Malena Callan
Grades K-6
Phone Ext. 4846