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Student Support Services

Student Support Services (Formerly known as Pupil Personnel Services) provides programming to students with disabilities. Additionally, the department offers universal preschool and services to displaced students and families. If you are concerned that your child may have a disability or require additional support, you can begin by working with your child’s counselor or building principal to identify their specific needs. The building principal may refer you to Student Support Services if your child is not responding to chosen interventions after a specific period of time.

Student support services encompasses the following areas: 

webpages for rondout valley student support services professionals: 


Contact Us

To e-mail an employee, use the
e-mail listed, followed by

(845) 687-2400

Meg Braren

Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services McKinney Vento Liaison
Email: mbraren
Ext. 4820

Carlos perez

Special Education Coordinator K-6, CPSE 
Ext. 4818

Danielle Kennedy

Special Education Coordinator 7-12, Private Schools
Email: dkennedy2
Ext. 4821

Shane Churchill

Student Support Services Senior Account Clerk
Email: schurchill
Ext. 4817

Louann Miszko

Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services, UPK
Email: lmiszko
Ext. 4863

Mary Beth Lunati

Secretary to Special Education Coordinator, 7-12/Private Schools
Email: mlunati 
Ext. 4847 

Malena Callan

Secretary to Special Education Coordinator, CPSE/K-6
Email: mcallan2
Ext. 4846