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Capital Project: Fall 2022 Update

The 2019 Capital Project is currently in Phase Three (out of four phases). Major work was done over the summer at the Middle School and High School.  

The 2019 Capital Project is currently in Phase Three (out of four phases). Major work was done over the summer, including on the following projects: 
Intermediate School/Junior High 
    •    Replacement of the entire roof, including access hatches, ladders, and gym skylights
    •    Replacement of the gym floor
    •    Replacement of all windows
    •    Replacement of hallway doors and hardware
    •    Renovation of the lecture hall, including new flooring and seating
    •    Complete overhaul of the cafeteria, kitchen, and food service area, including new equipment
    •    Upgrade Central Hudson service
    •    Replacement of mechanical equipment throughout the building
    •    Renovate select bathrooms
    •    Epoxy locker room floors
High School
    •    Replacement of select roof areas, including access hatches, ladders, and skylights
    •    Refinish both main gym and auxiliary gym floors
    •    Replace main gym and auxiliary gym mechanical equipment
    •    Replace cafeteria mechanic equipment
    •    Upgrade library ventilation and HVAC equipment
    •    Renovate select bathrooms

Superintendent Joseph Morgan is proud of the progress being made during Phase Three of the project. “It is incredible to see the changes in the Intermediate/Junior High School building, as these are the first major repairs and upgrades in the building since it was built over 50 years ago,” he said. “The upgrades made over the summer campus-wide not only create a better learning environment for our students, but provide the District with energy efficiency improvements, including new LED lighting, new high efficiency boilers, and a new temperature control system to keep the building cool when it is hot out,” he said. “Cost savings will also be realized through a more energy efficient building envelope resulting from new windows and roofing insulation.” 

Work is continuing at the Intermediate and Junior High School building this fall and winter. Among the current and/or upcoming projects are: installation of full-building air-conditioning, replacement of ceiling systems, full-building conversion of lighting to LED with upgraded energy-saving controls, replacement of fire alarms building-wide, replacement of the boiler system, including the Building Management System, and replacement of electrical panels and distribution systems. Phase Three is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023.   

Overall, the project is on track and on budget. Phase Four (the last phase) will begin during the summer of 2023. This phase includes replacement of sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, bus loops, signage, and site lighting throughout all campus locations. The scope of work also includes new flooring and lockers at the Junior High School. 

MS Lecture Hall
 MS Classroom