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Internet Safety Expert to present to RVCSD Community

The Rondout Valley Central School District is pleased to announce that on Monday March 6, 2023, Internet Safety Expert, Thomas Grimes, will be sharing his knowledge on the important topic of keeping kids safe online. Students in grades 6-12 will attend a school day assembly, while parents and community members will have the opportunity to attend an evening presentation.

Thomas Grimes-Parent/Community Presentation
There will be an evening presentation in the Rondout Valley High School Auditorium for parents and community members on Monday, March 6 at 6:30 PM. This is intended for an adult audience only as the content is more explicit than that of the student assemblies.

Thomas Grimes is the founder of NY Finest Speakers that was formed in 2007 to educate both students and parents active on social media, in both Internet and drug awareness. For more than 15 years, Thomas Grimes has been presenting to schools across the country, offering age-appropriate presentations discussing the realities of Internet predators, identity theft, repercussions of what our kids post on social media, and cyber bullying/stalking/harassment/threats. Mr. Grimes will offer a common-sense streetwise approach to students and parents, encouraging communication and involvement as well as personal responsibility and accountability.