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Career Day Inspires Rondout Valley High School Students to Explore World Outside of the Classroom

Rondout Valley High School (RVHS) held its inaugural Career Day on April 19. Dozens of professionals from the local community volunteered their time and expertise, sharing information about their respective fields with students in Grades 9 through 12. 

The event featured a lineup of dynamic presenters, from educators to illustrators, bankers to bakers. Students were able to choose the area that interested them the most from the following categories: Health and Medical Services; Creative Arts; Banking and Finance; Agriculture and Farming; Construction and Trades; Public Safety; Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism; Cosmetology; Science and Engineering; Communications and Journalism; Career Exploration; Human Services; Education; and Business Owners and Leaders. 

According to Rondout Valley Central School District Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Nicole Kappes-Levine, the students listened attentively to the presenters, peppering them with questions. Forging such links between the school and the community, she suggested, was one of the event’s major goals. “We really wanted to make more connections within our community, so we were thrilled that over 45 community members were willing to take time out of their day to meet with our students,” she said. “We don’t expect students at this age to necessarily know what they want to do when they grow up, but we want each and every student to be well aware of the range of careers that are out there. We also want them to be inspired to be thinking now of what they can do to start to prepare themselves for their future.”

The following professionals made the day memorable for RVHS students: Tommy Gershen, Alyssa Maxwell, Kyle Lasky, Lynn Churchill, John Kelder, Brinnah Leiching, Peter Nelson, Tammy Basten, Justine DeJesus, Gina Calderone, Neill Rosenfeld, Beth King, LaTisha B-Kentop, Joanna Dorman, Ray Vargas, Kelsey Showers, Tom Harvie, Victoria Ortiz, Kirstene Redding, Cari Kosins, Ricardo Castro, Deputy Analiya Sullivan, Anthony Sasso, Kaitlyn Ronk, Sara Boehm, Rachelle Spero, Stephanie Peacock, Page Moll, Mariangela Negerette, Darlene Pedrosa, Jesse Goldfarb, Connor Lawrence, Staff Sergeant Clemente, Sergeant Finken, Will Shear, Judith Karpova, Paul Champanier, Brandon Roman, Keith Perry, Wendy Hollender, Bob Fade, Eduardo Cabrera, Hector Babilonia, Hank Heijink, Hillary Nichols, the entire RVHS staff, and more.

RVHS College and Career Counselor Alison Klein shared that student feedback was very positive.  “Many students shared that they were inspired by the panelists, and they felt it was very impactful to hear directly from the professionals about their experiences in their careers. I look forward to growing this event in the next few years,” she said.