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Rondout Valley High School Student Wins “I Voted” Sticker Contest

Rondout Valley High School is pleased to share that Julia Deyo, a Grade 11 student, is the winner of this year’s Ulster County Board of Elections “I Voted” Sticker Contest.

“With over 3,300 votes cast in total and more than 1,300 votes specifically in support of Julia’s artwork, it’s clear that her design resonated with the people of Ulster County,” the Board of Elections announced in a press release.

Julia’s design has a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty in front of a red and blue background with the words “I Voted” highlighted in yellow to match Lady Liberty’s torchlight. There is a shadow of a flag waving in the lower portion of the silhouette. 

“I wanted something different, that no one had done before,” explained Julia. “I looked online and noticed in the past no one had used the Statue of Liberty in their designs. She is a symbol for not only New York, but for our entire country. In the background, I blended red and blue to represent the merging of the different political parties.”

Julia was inspired to enter the contest when she saw a flier posted on the Art Room door. “I know last year’s winner, Hudson Rowen, and decided this year I would give it a try.” Hudson, who is also a student at RVHS, created a design with a multi-colored spider, which received national media attention.

Julia found out that she won while visiting with her grandparents. Her grandmother had the television news on and heard broadcasters announce Julia’s design as the winner of the contest. Julia hadn’t told many people she was entering, but she has since received congratulations and praise from friends, teachers, and co-workers. 

The Board of Elections “I Voted” sticker contest is part of its youth engagement program. The goal is to use initiatives like this one to create and inspire the next generation of civic-minded citizens. Stickers will be distributed starting on October 28 at all early voting centers and at all poll sites on Election Day, November 7. The Ulster County Legislature will also award Julia “Pride of Ulster County” recognition at an upcoming meeting, honoring her civic engagement and the positive impact she has made on the Ulster County community. 

RVHS Principal Jessica Torok is very proud of Julia. “We love to see our students partake in community initiatives, and Julia’s participation was truly inspiring,” she said. “She really knocked it out of the park!”