HS Counseling


Education is not the filling of a bucket,
but the lighting of a fire.

W.B. Yeats (1865-1939)

 Welcome to the High School Counseling Department Homepage!  Please email or phone at any time with questions.


Counseling  Department
P.O. Box 9  Accord, NY  12404                
Street Address:     122 Kyserike Rd.
(845) 687-2400 Ext. 4213 & 4214         
Fax: (845) 687-7413 
School Code:  332-680        
SAT Test Site:  33-102        ACT Test Site: 228-090 

 In order to contact any staff member by e-mail:
first initial, last name @ rondout.k12.ny.us
ie: [email protected]

Mr. Jody Hoffman

School Counselor

Ext. 4209

Ms. Holly Miller

School Counselor

Ext. 4212

Ms. Alison Klein

School Counselor

Ext. 4256

Ms. Megan Marquis  

School Counselor

Ext. 4269

Mrs. Lynn Wells

Counseling Secretary

Ext. 4213

Mrs. Carol O'Connell

Counseling Secretary Ext. 4214

There is no greater gift you can give to the people you love than to be productive, happy and healthy."

     ~Ann Richards, Former Governor of Texas