Kerhonkson Elementary School Bus Routes

Kerhonkson Elementary School (K through 3)

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you have clear numbers on both sides of your mailboxes to help the bus drivers. The information below shows some of the pickup points along the routes. 

Route 1B
7:56 Schwabie Tpke. at Chipmunk Hollow to
8:02 Schwabie Tpke. at Samsonville Rd. to
8:07 Sundown Rd. at Harris Rd. to
8:09 Palentown Rd. at Oxbow Rd. to
8:22 Schroon Hill Rd. at Indian Rd. to
8:23 Ridgeview Rd. to
8:30 Samsonville Rd. at Iken Rd. to
8:35 Samsonville Rd. at Cherrytown Rd.

Route 4B
8:24 Route 209 South at Carlo Dr. to
8:25 Turkey Hill Rd. to
8:31 Smith Rd. at Joshua Ave. to
8:38 Route 209 North at Spruce St.

Route 6B
7:57 Cedar Dr. to
8:02 Queens Hwy to
8:12 City Hall Rd. to
8:15 Rochester Center Rd. to
8:18 Queens Hwy. at Boodle Hole Rd. to
8:21 Roberts Dr. at Cathy Jo Pl. to
8:24 Krum Rd. (turnaround) to
8:28 Piazza Rd. to
8:33 Queens Hwy. at Millbrook Ln.

Route 8B
8:18 Samsonville Rd. at Queens Hwy. to
8:27 Samsonville Rd. at Markle Rd. to
8:34 Samsonville Rd. at Rose Dr. to
8:37 Samsonville Rd. at Old Mine Rd.

Route 11B
8:22 Hudson Valley Commons to
8:27 Granite Rd. at Berme Rd. to
8:29 Bunny Trail Day Care to
8:35 Church St. to
8:37 Maple Ave.

Route 12B  
8:19 Minnewaska Trail at Mill St. to
8:21 Continental Motel on Berme Rd. to
8:28 Foordmore Rd. to
8:32 Route 44/55 to
8:33 Locust Grove Apts. to
8:34 Highland Ave. to
8:36 Maple Ave. to
8:38 42nd St.

Route 13B  
8:18 Stony Kill Rd. at Stony Rd. to
8:24 Granite Rd. at Sidney St. to
8:28 Route 44/55 to
8:29 Lower Granite Rd. at Deleo Dr.

Route 14B  
8:05 Cherrytown Rd. to
8:09 Rogue Harbor Rd. at Woodland Ridge Rd. to
8:18 Baker Rd. at Stillerberg Strada to
8:21 Upper Cherrytown Rd. to
8:24 Samsonville Rd. at Leghorn Rd. to
8:30 Clay Hill Rd. to
8:34 Academy St.

Route 49B
8:06 Maple Ln. to
8:12 Sheldon Dr. to
8:16 Rock Haven Rd. to
8:29 Route 44/55 at Zolota Osin