Marbletown Elementary School Bus Routes

Marbletown Elementary School (K through 3)

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you have clear numbers on both sides of your mailboxes to help the bus drivers. The information below shows some of the pickup points along the routes. 

Route 15B
8:02 Mettacahonts Rd. at Barry Ln. to
8:03 Evergreen Apts. to
8:08 Hidden Forest to
8:10 Taylor Rental to
8:17 Whitfield Rd. to
8:25 Airport Rd. 

Route 16B
8:07 Star Grocery to
8:14 Dug Rd. at Wood Rd. to
8:18 Bakertown Rd. to
8:19 Upper Whitfield Rd. to
8:26 Lower Whitfield Rd. at Mill Hook Rd. to
8:31 Cooper St. to
8:36 Pine Bush Rd.

Route 17B
8:13 Route 209 at Spruce Valley Rd. to
8:20 Whitelands Rd. to
8:24 Kyserike Rd. to
8:26 Old Kings Hwy. to
8:32 Route 209 at Kapetanakis Ln. to
8:35 Main St. at Lamberti Ln. to
8:36 Cooper St.

Route 19B  
8:12 Breezy Hill Rd. to
8:16 Sawdust Ave. to
8:18 Cottekill Village Apts. to
8:20 Coxing Rd. including Marcott Rd to
8:32 Lucas Ave. at Tanhouse Brook Rd. to
8:35 Cottekill Rd.

Route 21B
8:10 Route 32 at James St. to
8:13 Route 32 at Romanus St. to
8:18 Washington Ave. to
8:19 West End Ave. to
8:21 Josephine Ave. at Central Ave. to
8:24 Main St. to
8:26 Pine Grove Ave. at Elting Rd. to
8:28 Brown Ave. at James St. to
8:29 Route 213

Route 24B
8:16 High Falls Park (Center Rd.) to
8:23 Mohonk Rd. to
8:28 Cedar Hill Rd.

Route 25B  
8:01 Alligerville Rd. at Towpath Rd. to
8:05 Berme Rd. to
8:10 Canal Rd. at Depew Rd. to
8:11 Mohonk Rd. at Steep Hill Rd. to
8:13 Bruceville Rd. to
8:17 Old Route 213 to
8:21 Lucas Ave. at Fairview Ave. to
8:24 Lucas Ave. at Susan St. to
8:30 Leggett Rd.

Route 26B
7:56 Whitfield Rd. to
8:00 Bone Hollow Rd. to
8:02 County Route 2 at Bee Tree Ln. to
8:07 Rose Hill Rd. to
8:14 Woodland Rd. to
8:20 Buck Rd. at Cherry Hill Rd. to
8:22 Cherry Hill Rd. to
8:29 Buck Rd. to
8:30 Chestnut Hill Rd. to
8:38 Peak Rd. at Snyder Circle

Route 27B
7:55 Towpath Rd. to
7:58 Lawrence Hill Rd. to
8:04 Stony Kill Rd. to
8:09 Main St. at School Rd. to
8:12 Granite Rd. at Berme Rd. to
8:15 Scenic Rd. to
8:27 Lucas Ave. at Route 213 to
8:31 Route 213 at Rickey Rd. to
8:34 Route 213 to Schoonmaker Lane to
8:36 Pine Bush Rd.

Route 28B
7:59 Ashokan Rd. to
8:10 Beaverkill Rd. to
8:15 Lapla Rd. to
8:27 Hurley Mountain Rd. at Canary Hill Rd. to
8:36 Mill Dam Rd. to
8:37 Atwood Rd.

Route 32B
8:08 Valley View Apts. to
8:10 Marcott Rd. to
8:13 Coxing Rd. at Romney Way to
8:22 Route 209 at Pine Tree Ln. to
8:25 Creekside Rd. to
8:34 Route 209 at Duck Pond Rd. to
8:35 Route 209 at Sun Creek Ln.

Route 34B
8:12 Peak Rd. at Vincent Ln. to
8:17 Peak Rd. at Scarawan Rd. to
8:25 Vly Atwood Rd. to
8:32 Bush Rd.

Route 37B
8:13 Tongore Rd. to
8:22 Atwood Rd. at Johnson Rd. to
8:25 Atwood Rd. at Stillwater Rd. to
8:33 Atwood Rd. at Bush Rd.

Route 40B
8:28 Mountain Rd. at Burrs Crossing Rd.

Route 46B
7:50 Lucas Ave. at Route 213 to
8:00 Route 209 to Lucas Ave. to
8:11 Bare Furniture to
8:18 Old Kings Hwy. to
8:21 Lucas Ave. at Meadow Ln. to
8:24 Lucas Ave. at Dejager Ln.