Pre-K Bus Routes

Pre-K Bus Routes

PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure you have clear numbers on both sides of your mailboxes to help the bus drivers. The information below shows some of the pickup points along the routes. 

Full Day Pre-K at Kerhonkson Elementary School

Route 108B
8:07 Queens Highway at Boodle Hole Rd to
8:17 Samsonville at Palentown Rd to
8:21 Rocky Mountain Rd to
8:39 Rochester Center Rd to
8:42 Queens Highway at Rock Mountain Estates to
8:44 Cathy Jo Place to
8:46 Piazza Rd to
8:47 Queens Highway at Milbrook Ln to
8:52 Route 209 to
8:53 Samsonville Rd at Rose Dr to
8:58 Route 209 at Spruce St

Route 112B
8:22 Bunny Trail Daycare on Berme Rd to
8:28 Minnewaska Trl to
8:32 Route 44/55 to
8:39 Foordmore Rd to
8:46 Academy St to
8:53 Cherrytown Rd to
8:58 Clay Hill Rd

Full Day Pre-K at Marbletown Elementary School

Route 116B
8:21 Buck Rd @ Fawn Rd to
8:36 East Rd to
8:43 James St to
8:45 Central Ave to
8:46 West End Ave to
8:48 Main St, Rosendale to
8:57 Main St, Stone Ridge

Route 117B
8:23 Mettacahonts Rd at Barry Ln to
8:24 Mettacahonts past Star Grocers to
8:26 Mettacahonts Rd below Evergreen Apts to
8:32 Tow Path Rd to
8:49 Lucas Ave to
8:57 Pine Bush Rd at Tooley Dr