School Messenger Information

SchoolMessengeris a parent notification system that will deliver personalized phone, text message and/or e-mail messages to parents, staff, or other groups via home, office, and or cell phones. It is a great way for the Rondout Valley Central School District to communicate effectively with parents, staff, and the community. 

SchoolMessenger will also allow a school administrator to record a short message to be delivered to an extensive or selective list of parents, teachers, or students.
Principals and teachers can use SchoolMessenger to send messages home to all parents in a building, all parents in a classroom, or special groups of parents.

  • SchoolMessenger will deliver calls for school closings, emergencies, and weather delays.
  • Daily attendance calls will be made to parents after 10:30 a.m. every day.Calls will be made to the parents of students with unexcused absences.
  • School Administration can use this system to send out general announcements and notifications as needed.

The InfoCenter feature of SchoolMessenger will allow you to better control how you receive automated communications from our SchoolMessenger system. InfoCenter is available now and is accessible from any internet-enabled device. For more information about InfoCenter, please check the links to the left. 

Please note that if there is a change to your child's information (phone number, address, emergency contact person(s), etc), you must notify the main office in the building they attend.