The CDEP committee identified two over-riding goals to focus District initiatives. The first goal is: To improve student performance and the graduation rate by strengthening instructional programs and practices. Our objective is to increase the number of students meeting NYS performance standards by 2%. The second goal, that was addressed by the Professional Development Planning committee, is:  To provide professional development that supports the needs identified under the first goal.  

    The review of the data that led to the identification of these goals included state assessment data at all levels, perceptual data through staff development feedback, data from the 5-8 Literacy Study (curriculum study, surveys, walk-throughs), and work products (curriculum mapping updates) and from the Middle School Quality Review Process.  

    As you familiarize yourself with the plan, you will notice the direct correlation between needs assessment from data analysis and the strategies and action steps that were selected for inclusion in the plan. We would ask you to also notice the evidence that we will be collecting to monitor our progress on this plan. There was a real effort to link staff development and initiatives to actual student performance results.   

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