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As an outgrowth of our District's efforts to offer a
balanced literacy approach in Language Arts, many
teachers are building a leveled  library in their classrooms.  
In order to assist teachers in expediting this usually tedious task of leveling great numbers of books, we offer this list of leveled books.

Alisa Auchmoedy and Elizabeth Battaglia originated the leveled list in 1999.  Their original list had grown to over 3,000 books by 2001.  Additionally, Barry Greene established a separate list of over 1,000 books in the process of setting up the leveled multiple copy library in the Rosendale Elementary School.  Many other teachers in both elementary schools contributed to the lists as they leveled books for their own classrooms.

At some point, everyone involved began to realize that people in each school were probably duplicating efforts to level many of the same books.  Out of this realization came the need to centralize a district-wide list that was accessible to all staff.  The list offered here is the outgrowth of that need to centralize this information.

Our books are leveled according to the philosophy of Gay Sue Pinnell and Irene Fountas, who are highly respected reading consultants in the education field.  Even within the clear-cut definitions of each level from A-Z, there will always be discrepancies and shades of difference that are open to debate when any book is leveled.  This list is offered as a way of expediting the leveling process to those who wish to utilize the careful efforts of others.  In the end, your own personal judgment on the level of any particular book may take precedence over the levels published within this list.

This list will be updated and added to on a regular basis. In order to keep this list vital, comments and feedback and contributions of your leveled lists are welcome.  Please forward your input to:  [email protected]